Life Above Rubies is completely committed to helping people!  Megan of anyone can know the pain and struggle of wanting so badly to improve upon life, get skills and learn how to be more and sometimes LIFE and circumstances really make it challenging.  Megan never ever wants finances to be a reason not to continue to educate yourself and grow.  There is incredible value and worth packed inside this membership and in training with Megan Elizabeth – we are thrilled to see so many growing successful business’s and blogs and want anyone who truly wants it, is committed to it and is ready to have it, available to them!

Here are a few things to know:

  • You can apply for a full or partial scholarship with the application below.  Please note on your application which!
  • Scholarships are awarded without a limit to those we feel our membership truly can help with success and to those who have exhibited a true desire to grow, learn and change their life.  The scholarships are awarded to those who truly are in need of help, encouragement and guidance in the areas of business, life and balance.
  • Scholarships are not Prizes to be won.  They are awarded to those in circumstances they are committed and ready to change.
  • You can apply for yourself or someone you feel is in need.
  • Applications will be reviewed within a week of receiving the form and decisions will be carefully reviewed and made within a second week of processing.  Please do not expect an answer before 2 weeks of submitting application.
  • Anyone can contribute and donate to the Scholarship Fund to support and help invest in someone else’s future. Donations can be accepted securely through PayPal – HERE.

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