Hello!!! I am Megan Elizabeth and first I wanted to start by THANKING YOU so much for being here!

One of my greatest passions in life is to help women find their worth, feel creative and beautiful inside and out and to truly see success in the desires of their heart! ¬†I hope you’re here because you’re ready to see your life change to find balance in life and in business and to soar to the next level with skills I have spent years developing (and won’t ever stop learning)!

If you stick around I will do my best to ALWAYS encourage you and show you how to Enjoy the Moments and Keep Going – because You Got This!!! ūüėČ

Here are some of the quick facts about me:

  • Have been goal driven and success oriented since 14 years old.
  • Manager of major chain hair salon at 19 years old – winning several top achiever awards.
  • Have been in the online business world successfully since 2005.
  • Founder of AboveRubiesStudio.com in 2008.
  • Launched Best Selling, Educational DVD line that won several awards and sold over 100,000 copies worldwide it’s first year.
  • Won Product Innovation awards in Craft & Hobby Industry¬†in 2012.
  • Guest Host on Nationally Broadcasted Live Television since 2012.
  • Top Achiever and Recruiter Nationally in Direct Sales Company 2015
  • Home School 2 of 3 Children as a single mom.
  • COMMITTED to Your Success!

Things I Love:

  • My 3 Amazing Kids – They keep me going!
  • Seeing others WIN and change their lives!
  • Coffee…yes…need. more. please!
  • Singing, always! Dancing a little too!
  • Lipgloss — yeah I like to feel pretty!

A little bit more personal about me?


My Family:

I am currently a single mom of 3 amazing beautiful children, who I am sure you will hear about from time to time – especially if you watch my Daily Check In videos! ¬†We LOVE to be silly and have fun together…lots of singing and dance parties at my house – and watch out for Karaoke nights – whoooweee!!! ¬†We also are KNOWN for our “lazy weekends” in PJs – Saturday’s especially we love getting up, eating breakfast, cleaning up the house from the week together in our PJs and then watching at least a show or two on Netflix….Barbie’s Dream House is a personal girly favorite and MaxSteel always seems to be the second choice of the boys! (YES I am nerdy enough that I LOVE Barbie’s Dream House – must watch if you have Netflix!) ūüėČ

We love going to our Church and being encouraged to grow with that community is a huge part of our lives.

My Life Story:

I started a working life at a young age of 13 for a Construction Company as an office manager! (I was homeschooled so I could do school and actually work a job very young.) ¬†I learned SO much and owe more than words could ever express to David Leinbach who taught me SO much about life, God and Business. ¬†I honestly don’t know how he put up with this 13 year old kid who messed up paychecks and taxes on more than one occasion and still encouraged me to keep going and provided me a way to follow my dreams of going into cosmetology. ¬† You see at a VERY young age I desired to open a Hair Salon and call it Above Rubies Studio – Above Rubies for Proverbs 31 which says “Who can find a virtuous women, for her worth is far above rubies” – to me, Proverbs 31 is the picture of all I desire as a godly, balanced woman. ¬†I’ve messed it UP a BILLION times over, but by God’s love and grace – keep going and focusing towards all she is. ¬†My life’s prayer is to help other women really see that worth in themselves and feel beautiful on the inside and out and to “Laugh bolding without fear of the future” (Proverbs 31:25)

I left construction at 18 when I finished Beauty School and started working at various Salons.  By 19 years old I was a Salon Manager for a Regis chain HairSalon in Bethlehem, PA and quickly led that salon from bottom in the region to number one in retail sales within a few months of taking on the incredibly difficult challenge.  I had fired and hired more than 19 stylists to build a team that really came together to make a very failing salon successful again.

I moved on from being in a Manager position to a more Private and Exclusive Salon and Spa in my area until health challenges of multiple seizures daily prevented me from standing behind the chair.

This didn’t mean my dreams were over, I knew someday my health would change and I was able to start work at a Chiropractor’s Office in 2005. ¬†The amazing Dr Heidi Pendleton was able to literally stop my seizures as they were happening and we got to the bottom of why very quickly. I have been seizure free for years!

I left that office the year I got married and pregnant to someone who was as focused and dedicated to helping people and business as I was.

We grew several online businesses and internet marketing was a speciality from early 2006 on!!

After having our second child, Jenavieve, I went into a serious postpartum depression. ¬†My (now ex) husband and I had several miscarriages, and life wasn’t easy for as at the time. ¬†It was an up and down battle for a little while when I got ahold of a Cricut machine with my next door neighbor and scrapbooking became our therapy.

It wasn’t long until I begged my husband to “make me a blog” (AboveRubiesStudio.com – yes I used the dream salon name for crafting!) so I could do videos about the Cricut and crafting. ¬†It was my therapy helping others in that way and quickly pulled me through all the bumps of that season.

And now to this day, AboveRubiesStudio.com now features weekly video tutorials on everything crafting!  It started from coming out with a Cricut Cutting guide that helped tens to hundreds of thousands of users save their sanity and paper with their Cricut Machines and then only selling over 100,000 Howto DVDs on the Cricut, Gypsy and other crafts!  I love paper crafts and die-cutting machines, but I dive into a little bit of everything craft related! Jewelry making, DIY Home Decor, Personalized Gifts and much more all found at AboveRubiesStudio.com. I even like throwing in regular product reviews with my Check This Out videos!

I went on and then had the incredible opportunity to create a fantastic line of Scrapbooking Products that include the Innovative Scrapbook Paper, PaperLayerz, (that Won a CHA Top 20 Award) and a series of Howto DVDs that share everything about how to use yourCricut A to Z, Card Making, Christmas Crafts and many more.

I have had the incredible privilege of guest hosting on HSN for Glue Arts and other scrapbook companies, as well as many other local channel new shows and national attention as well.  All part of incredible things God has truly blessed me with and placed as desires to grow in my heart.

In 2012, way beyond anything I ever hoped or dreamed would happen in my life, LIFE, happened. ¬†Things got messy, I spiraled a bit from hurt and the tizzy of now what? ¬†The kids and I moved to Oshkosh, WI to be closer to the warehouse that shipped AboveRubies and ByME scrapbook products. ¬†Life had to change, as we all experience and go through highs and lows – the plan my life wasn’t “over” despite any pain caused by myself or others! ¬†(One thing I ALWAYS share and encourage is REAL hope – not wishful thinking, but the enjoyment in EVERY moment of life! ¬†Pain comes to all of us, it’s what we do with it, what we focus on and where we dwell that determines the success. ¬†I am real just like you, and I want to show secrets to still be successful no matter where life finds you!!!)

In 2013 I decided it was FINALLY time to start ByMeganElizabeth.com!  After much success and joy I have had from AboveRubiesStudio, and all I had learned, achieved and gone through since 2005.  I have sincerely enjoyed helping others learn how to create a blog, start using social media and be successful earning money doing what they love.  The biggest hurdle I have found many friends and colleagues have had is staying focused and motivated to create their dreams! That’s what THIS is all about!  There are millions of ways to earn money and start business’s, especially online, but it takes a special few to stick with it and motivate yourself emotionally to be fulfilled by it!  Allow me to spark you into action and create the life of your dreams!

In early 2015 I decided that going with the name “ByMeganElizabeth” was too much all about ME – it was NEVER meant to be about me! ¬†It’s about YOU – its about life the way YOU want it and the desire in YOUR hearts and the worth YOU have – so today www.LifeAboveRubies.com is born! ¬†Here to serve and encourage you and give you the practical and technical skills you need to have the success you’re after!

Thanks for taking time to learn about me!  I hope to learn a LOT more about you!!!  So leave me a comment, send me a message, or get in touch ANYWHERE below!

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I’m here to share more about life, love, business and fun!  I hope you follow and ENJOY THE MOMENTS!