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First I wanted to start by THANKING YOU so much for being here! One of my greatest passions in life is to help women especially find their worth, feel creative and beautiful inside and out and to truly see success in the desires of their heart! I hope you’re here because you’re ready to see your life change to find balance in life and in business! Keep Going! You Got This!!! Enjoy the Moments!
Enjoy the Moments!

Motivating & Communicating with 4 Personality Cards

As I deliver more help and understanding on the 4 Cards on Personality I thought I would give some practical examples of how you can communicate with a motivate each of the cards to either take action or be persuaded in your business, or in encouraging and motivating your children!


The Heart is the Helper, all […]

The 4 Personality Cards (Live Event)


We dig deeper on your personality card and the cards of those you interact with daily for deeper understanding – how to motivate them to action – build them up and not deflate them!

We are going to take the quiz – chat about each card type and have fun with one another answering and asking questions about […]

PicMonkey How to Create Collages

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Weekend Kickstart Challenge

Welcome to the weekend!

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PicMonkey: Howto Create Custom Facebook Page Tabs BONUS

Two videos for you today! I’m so thrilled and happy you are taking action to step it up in every area of your brand and business! So – here we go!

Let’s create custom Facebook Page Tabs for your Apps & Create a Watermark for your Youtube Channel!

PicMonkey Part 2 Editing and Touchup

Part 2 of the Creative Workshop on how PicMonkey can help you for your business, life and fun!  Today I will show a little bit of the behind the scenes of and how you can edit and brand your images for marketing purposes across social media platforms – so lets take a look!

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PicMonkey: How to Create YouTube Cover Art

Today’s PicMonkey Bonus Video is about creating Custom YouTube Cover Art with proper sizing – it’s really a behind the scenes video of my own personal decision and update to a much more simple art – including the Video schedule included into the branded image.

Hopefully this helps you create a  wonderfully cohesive brand and understand […]

Social Media Optimal Image Sizing Cheats!

PicMonkey: Bonus Behind the Scenes Creating for Cricut

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Thankfulness Actions Live Strategy & Mindset Call

Let’s talk about how YOU can be happier! I want you to be happy – YOU want you to be happy – and what if I could show you a few tools and actual strategies to BE happier by up to 20% immediately!

What if I could show you tools and resources to make your […]

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