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First I wanted to start by THANKING YOU so much for being here! One of my greatest passions in life is to help women especially find their worth, feel creative and beautiful inside and out and to truly see success in the desires of their heart! I hope you’re here because you’re ready to see your life change to find balance in life and in business! Keep Going! You Got This!!! Enjoy the Moments!
Enjoy the Moments!

Introducing Pic Monkey: What is It? Part 1

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30 Day 2016 Live Check In Check Up!

I love that we are knee deep into another 30 Day Challenge and instead of having a traditional Live Event – I wanted this event to be more about you.  Now I do greatly apologize for the technical issues that we were having and that I wasn’t able to be set in my normal lighted […]

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Permission to LIVE! Success, Happiness and 5 Things to Change Now!

Welcome Gems!!!
Tonight I am passionate about giving you 5 ways to give yourself permission to have the life you want with joy, purpose, vision and validation. Everyone is seeking validation for something in their life – lets break that down a little deeper tonight LIVE (9:30pm eastern time). Join the chat live on Youtube HERE and the […]

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Business Blogger Balance Mindset July 2016 Live

Hello Gems – During this Live Event I talked about 5 really crucial mindsets when going into the world of online business, blogging, networking marketing or creative sales!

Have you ever stopped and thought about your creativity, your business or your life for that matter and said to yourself  “What’s the magic? Where do I start? […]

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April LIVE: Success Principles & 30 Day Challenge

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March 2016 Authentic Confidence

Confidence! I LOVE this topic and excited to dive in deep with this one on March 10, 2016 LIVE at

Don’t forget to download your worksheet for tonights event below!


Right click to save and print!

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S.T.A.R.T 10 Days to YouTube Version 1.0

By |February 24th, 2016|START PACKS, Youtube Mastery|0 Comments

February 2016 S.T.A.R.T

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New Year: What’s New With You?

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November 2015 Planner Event

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