Hello everyone, I’m so excited you have joined me to check out how I plan. My life can get busy at times with a household to run, a husband, 3 little kids and 2 full time business!

I have to find keep things together somehow and I have found that when I take the time to plan out all these things not only does my life run smooth I have less anxiety about things around!

{Katina’s Planning Process}

The very best planning process I ever watched was by Jennifer McQuire and you can watch her video HERE!

I really loved how simple she kept it. I took her basic system and added the decorative element of using stickers and keeping it fun. I have found a system that has really worked for me and I hope I can help you find your own system.

We have some really great PDFs for you today:

We want you able to find your way of planning. So we have provided several PDFs you can us to get started planning.

  1. Our Daily 3 / Daily Planner – Click HERE
  2. Weekly Overview Planner – Click each day below to print
  3. Katina’s Blogging Planner
    Click BloggingCheckList-Planner for the exact one Katina uses
  4. Megan’s Website Project Planner – Click HERE

I would love for you to head over to Above Rubies Studio and check out the video I shared on how I use stickers and stamps in my planner! This the decorative / fun element of planning.

I’ve enjoyed being able to incorporate my hobby and business into my planning life! It helps me from getting burnt out on planning.

Remember there is no RIGHT or WRONG way to plan. What works for me may not work for you and that is why that here at Life Above Rubies we strive to provide you with several different options and documents to help you find the right fit for you.