What Others Have to Say about Megan:

“I can’t believe what coaching has done for me and my mindset and business. I now have a blog that I love, a direction and a friend in Megan”  – Deb

“Do you want to grow your business?  Do you want to grow in life and reach goals?  I would highly recommend investing in yourself and your future and check out LifeAboveRubies” – Angela S.

“I have has the great pleasure to work with Megan for about a year now. I learned right away that she has such a strong desire to not only achieve her own goals but to share with everyone how they can do it too! She has a big heart and strong morals. She has helped me realize that I can do things I didn’t think I ever could. When you watch Megan’s videos, she has the most beautiful and warm smile that will hit your heart every time you listen/watch her. Thank you Megan for everything you do for me and for everyone around you!!! Mwah!” – Kim McNaughton

“Thank you for your awesome classes, I am really learning so much and cannot wait to find out more about social media from you.” – Kathy T.
“Anyone who comes in contact with you in any way is affected! Period! I watch you every chance I get. You are so inspiring, upbeat, funny, silly, honest, helpful and cute. You should read each of those words slowly and with thought. They are all YOU! We all wish we could have you! Personally, I would like you in my family, as my friend, in my state, all of the above! One of a kind you are My Friend!”  – Julie Spady
“I have been enjoying blog posts and especially videos by Megan Elizabeth AboveRubies Studio for many years now. What an encouraging and talented woman she is. I greatly appreciate all of the crafting advice and tips over the years and I love how honest she has been with her followers through the ups and downs of our lives. I honestly TRUST Megan Elizabeth and hope that all of her dreams come true as she continues to share what she has learned with us so that ours can come true as well.” – LeeAnn Bisesi Sinclair

“I love your enthusiasm for all things-crafts, teaching, sharing…it makes is easier to just jump right in with you. Thanks! I hope it works–I would love to be part of your 500. Need to get out of this ditch I’m in.” – Kelley Sral
“I Don’t Want to Miss Any of this!”