Hey my precious members and friends!  So, here is the deal. February feels like the biggest BUST in my books of epic proportions. So, to put my money with my mouth is and truly express to you how much I want to see YOU succeed and I am here for YOU. For the rest of February and into March (as needed), I am going to offer something to ALL members I have never offered before! This is for YOU as a THANKYOU and as an expression of good faith in making up for:

  1. unexpected circumstances
  2. technical errors and difficulties
  3. weather conditions and
  4. my own poor planning

I am SO excited to say that since January (well before) I have been working with a new team of people all behind the scenes and investing a large amount of capital into an all new Membership site for each of you!  Let me explain and then I’m going to go into my gift to you below!!! 🙂

You are going to hear it here first as VIP Members that byMeganElizabeth.com is getting a NEW NAME!  I have made reference to this before, but I felt REALLY strongly that this site needed to take on a new life, an easier platform and bring things to a larger than life scale!

The AMAZING thing for you is your membership is locked into $14.97/month FOR LIFE while all new enrollees will be at full regular price, discussed at initial launch!  BIG BONUS 1!

I’m ready to reveal to you ONLY – as long as you can keep my secret a little while longer.…that the NEW Site is going to be called LIFE Above Rubies ALL the content that is currently available here WILL be transferred and available on the new site.  There maybe a few hiccups along the way (such as seen this past week when all new posts were reverted to draft style holding places and not full content and missing videos) – there maybe a few things that come to light as we uncover the new template and user workability but the goal is to make things EASIER to find, easier to navigate and more beautiful and professional than ever!  I am so excited to be working with 7 incredible men and women to make this all happen and while it’s taking time – the results are incredible!!!

LifeAboveRubies, really encompasses the whole of the person I desire to help, encourage and give skills to!  Membership is expanding with further modules so it’s easier for members to know – where to get started and map their own plan of priorities to make their dreams become reality.  There is no magic overnight “EASY” button, but with a clear direction, commitment to action and a team of prayer warriors and action advocates, GREAT things happen!  I can’t wait to share more and give you, my precious members, first insight looks!  Another BIG BONUS for you!

Now, my GIFT to you for sticking with me through the growth, the health and all aspects of this – I WANT TO GIVE EACH OF YOU 1 FREE Hour One on One call with me! We are going to talk personal goals and plans and get you on a path to what YOU need!

*This will be done on a first come first serve basis with additional times added as each member decides if they wish to take advantage of this offer!  Limited time and I need to hear back from you with initial contact email BEFORE March 5, 2015.

I am offering EVERY Current ACTIVE Participating Member one, FREE One-on-One direct call with me. Personal and mapping out your goals and a direction for you to take to get you started. Answer questions you may have and help provide you with encouragement, coaching and direction for your personal growth and success!

Here is what you need to do:

Below you will find a list of times and dates,

  • Please send an email to me@AboveRubiesStudio.com with subject line One on One Call
  • Select 4 times/dates and list them in order from 1 – 4 your first choice, second etc for the time that is most convient for you.
  • Include your name and PHONE Number in this initial email
  • Also include a summary of where you would most like to call to be focused (i.e. Goal Mapping, Action Direction, Specific Questions, Open Encouragement and Prayer – it’s up to you but I design and direct the hour knowing what you most want to get out of it!)

As I receive these emails back I will confirm a time and date with you via email reply.   Again these are first come first serve and I will add additional times and dates as the orignial ones fill up so all ACTIVE current members receive this gift.  My one on one coaching calls start at $247 so you are receiving more than your years subscription value in this alone!

Please note I am only offering this for a LIMITED time!  I need to hear back from you with INITIAL contact by March 5, 2015 or offer becomes unavailable. (Don’t worry if we don’t schedule our call before then, I just need to know you are accepting this gift and can schedule you accordingly!  My time is focused on you but also making sure we are all good and things run smooth as we are getting ready for the really big launch party of the ALL new Site, Design, Name, New Team, Courses and a whole lot more!

Times and Dates to Select From: (remember choose 4 and list in order 1 – 4 your best selections)

*All times will be CENTRAL Time Zone – so please convert to your own time zone to mark on your calendar and keep in mind when selecting! Once these times fill I will add March times to accommodate all our members!

Tues February 24, 2015:



2:30pm – 3:30pm

8:00pm- 9:00pm

Weds Febrary 25, 2015


11:30am – 12:30pm

4:00pm – 5:00pm

8:00pm – 9:00pm

Thurs February 26, 2015

9:00am – 10:00am



8:00pm- 9:00pm

Friday February 27, 2015

8:30am – 9:30am

10:00am – 11:00am

11:30am – 12:30pm

2:00pm – 3:00pm

3:30pm – 4:30pm

I will need to be adding March Dates, but I need to hear back from you before the 5th.  If you would like to wait until March for your call please indicate that in your initial contact email!

I am so very excited to work with each and every one of you!  I know I am going to have more than 100+ active member hours long calls to fill, so lets get to it and create the life you desire!

Thank you so much again!

Enjoy the Moments – we will be talking soon!