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Emotional Indicators to Change Your Mindset or Action!

I have been so honored and blessed to study and work under Tony Robbins for several years and one thing that I really felt would benefit and help Gems here at LifeAboveRubies is to get the REAL messages behind some of these “negative” emotions we have — going through this 30 Day Challenge I know […]

Instagram: Impactful Connections



Here is your download sheet to follow along tonight!

Where Do I Actually Start?

16 Things: My list of Priorities when it comes to HOW TO actually do this stuff!

Know your goals and have clarity on your WHY
Have your TARGET Audience and Perfect ONE picked out – the more specific you get the better you will be – Niche audiences ALWAYS build quicker and with more authenticity. This […]

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Core Beliefs, Mindset, Values & Importance

Motivating & Communicating with 4 Personality Cards

As I deliver more help and understanding on the 4 Cards on Personality I thought I would give some practical examples of how you can communicate with a motivate each of the cards to either take action or be persuaded in your business, or in encouraging and motivating your children!


The Heart is the Helper, all […]

The 4 Personality Cards (Live Event)


We dig deeper on your personality card and the cards of those you interact with daily for deeper understanding – how to motivate them to action – build them up and not deflate them!

We are going to take the quiz – chat about each card type and have fun with one another answering and asking questions about […]

Thankfulness Actions Live Strategy & Mindset Call

Let’s talk about how YOU can be happier! I want you to be happy – YOU want you to be happy – and what if I could show you a few tools and actual strategies to BE happier by up to 20% immediately!

What if I could show you tools and resources to make your […]

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30 Day 2016 Live Check In Check Up!

I love that we are knee deep into another 30 Day Challenge and instead of having a traditional Live Event – I wanted this event to be more about you.  Now I do greatly apologize for the technical issues that we were having and that I wasn’t able to be set in my normal lighted […]

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Permission to LIVE! Success, Happiness and 5 Things to Change Now!

Welcome Gems!!!
Tonight I am passionate about giving you 5 ways to give yourself permission to have the life you want with joy, purpose, vision and validation. Everyone is seeking validation for something in their life – lets break that down a little deeper tonight LIVE (9:30pm eastern time). Join the chat live on Youtube HERE and the […]

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Business Blogger Balance Mindset July 2016 Live

Hello Gems – During this Live Event I talked about 5 really crucial mindsets when going into the world of online business, blogging, networking marketing or creative sales!

Have you ever stopped and thought about your creativity, your business or your life for that matter and said to yourself  “What’s the magic? Where do I start? […]

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