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Branding Style Feel Sheets of Above Rubies

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Introducing Pic Monkey: What is It? Part 1

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How my “brand” came together & What I wish I would have know.

Hello and Welcome to a More To This Life! Today I have more than just a quick video for you! I have some thoughts to share with you about our topic this month which happens to be “Brand Development”
I hope you enjoyed our live call about Brand Development. If you missed that live call you […]

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Oct 8th Live – 5 Important Branding Reminders

Our October 8th LIVE EVENT call was such an incredible blessing and encouragement to talk about many things.

However, the focus on the evening was talking about 5 very important things to remember when it comes to building and developing your brand, your voice within the marketplace!

We have 5 really important things for you to think […]

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Impactful Branding, Experience, Value, Relationship


Today’s course is a dozy that really can really revolutionize and set your business, blog, self – apart in whatever industry you are in. ┬áSome of this may seem so simple, but as I look around and see struggling business owners, blogs who just can’t keep eye balls on them, and so much more. […]

The Perfect ONE!

The perfect customer, the perfect partner, the perfect viewer, follower, friend, whatever it is…. Do you have THE perfect one?

Do you know WHO that perfect ONE is?

Do you have an avatar?

Do you even know what an avatar is?

It’s time to get clear about something that will make a very BIG difference in your business and […]

Creating Marketing Photos that Brand You and Get Noticed!

This video is going to show you, even if you have NO Photoshop skills at all (like myself) how to market photos with stories and brand with your website or name to get your noticed and optimized for marketing and business building!

So tell me, what will you be doing differently now after watching this video?

What […]