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PicMonkey: Howto Create Custom Facebook Page Tabs BONUS

Two videos for you today! I’m so thrilled and happy you are taking action to step it up in every area of your brand and business! So – here we go!

Let’s create custom Facebook Page Tabs for your Apps & Create a Watermark for your Youtube Channel!

Engaging & Encouraging Social Media Posts

The Secret to Social Media that really grows something amazing, with loyalty, engagement and momentum is this:
Truly – no matter what the platform or widget, to be successful and grow, you need to learn a few skills in what it looks like to build relationships online, with people you’ve never met and probably, never […]

Facebook 101: The Purpose, The Set Up, End Goal & Basics

Its time for Facebook 101


This walks through what you will be using Facebook for to GROW a Business!  I recommend having both a PERSONAL Business Page and a Fan page – we get into that in the video!

There is lots to talk about and I could go on for hours upon hours about how one […]