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How To Build and Market

Instagram: Impactful Connections



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Crafts for Cash Part 3

Part Three – Where and How to Sell

Where to sell
Know your audience (that one!)
Get Out! (Of your own head!)
Setting up to be Set Apart
Customer Experience
Capture List
Follow up
Goals Checkup


Crafts for Cash Part 2

Part Two – Value, Pricing, Selling without being a Sales Person

How to value yourself and your work
How to set prices
Market Allowance
Friends and Family
Wholesale Pricing
Income Goal Check
Overcoming Price Objections
Knowing your product
Setting apart “sales” from The sale


Cost + Time = Cost of Goods (COG)
Sale Price – Costs = Profit
Profit Margins
Rule of thumb – You want to be […]

Cash for Crafts Crash Course Part 1

Part One – Branding and Choosing a Catalog

What is my brand?
Building an experience
What to sell
Market and Ranges
Goal Check

Remember: Branding is your customers experience with you!  The feeling they GET by your value, your notice and care for them!  It truly is all about YOU and what YOU Give!  So give something AMAZING!!!

Build the experience by […]

Preparing for Cash for Crafts

WELCOME to our 3 Part Course of Crafts for Cash! 
The 3 part course!

I’m so excited for my creative friends to take plunge into this journey!

Before we start with Part One, I want to give you a few hours of personal reflection and clarity!

I am going to start this course with a little Pre-Course Prep sheet.

Throughout […]

Engaging & Encouraging Social Media Posts

The Secret to Social Media that really grows something amazing, with loyalty, engagement and momentum is this:
Truly – no matter what the platform or widget, to be successful and grow, you need to learn a few skills in what it looks like to build relationships online, with people you’ve never met and probably, never […]

Social Media Icons, Buttons, Widgets and Plugins

This video is a really quick tutorial showing you what Social Media Icon plug in I use with WordPress. It’s very simple to just search and install (you install the same way I just showed you in video how to update) and then select your style, copy and paste your specific URLs and drop into […]

Impactful Branding, Experience, Value, Relationship


Today’s course is a dozy that really can really revolutionize and set your business, blog, self – apart in whatever industry you are in.  Some of this may seem so simple, but as I look around and see struggling business owners, blogs who just can’t keep eye balls on them, and so much more. […]

Top 21 SEO Secrets Tried and True

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a really incredible and critical part of online presence success! But where do you start?  Here are 21 of the top secrets that AboveRubiesStudio as well as our other business’s used to be ranked with Google and return results  – It will come as no surprise to you that it […]

Blogging: WordPress – Widgets What and How

Widgets!  What are widgets?! Where do they go?  How do you use them effectively?  Here’s a 101 guide to Widgets on your side bar, header and footer in wordpress!  Enjoy!

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