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Core Beliefs, Mindset, Values & Importance

The Club Personality Type

The Club Personality is The Thinker!

The Club Has Great Strengths:

Very accurate
Usually they are very well read
Up on current events
Extremely organized
Very computer savvy
They have awesome follow up skills
They usually get good results as long as they have precise plan to follow
Good memories
Detail oriented
Great with numbers

The Club Dislikes:

Sloppy people
Unorganized people
Spontaneous actions
Surprise parties
Anything that is unexpected
Hate liars
They lose […]

The Diamond Personality Type

The Diamond is The Life of the Party


Happy and upbeat
Living for the moment, and having fun
They are animated fun
Optimistic, playful, bubbly
Make every one around them happy and relaxed
Spontaneous, they are the “life of the party”.
Love social settings (Dance clubs Seminars, rallies, parties)
Love planning parties
Good motivators and promoters
Quick to make decisions
Easy to connect with

Diamonds Dislikes:

Anyone that […]

Who Is The Heart Personality Card

The Heart Personality is the Helper!
The Hearts Strengths:

Helper Helper Helper
Make a difference in lives of others
Very easy to get along with
Very personable
Super friendly
Genuine friendships
Listeners and Story Communicators
Great team players
They are extremely creative and expressive.
They are dedicated and patient.
Warm, Loyal and Supportive (They are supporters rather than leaders).
They will follow an ethical leader.
Very intuitive
Environmentally conscious.

The Hearts […]

Motivating & Communicating with 4 Personality Cards

As I deliver more help and understanding on the 4 Cards on Personality I thought I would give some practical examples of how you can communicate with a motivate each of the cards to either take action or be persuaded in your business, or in encouraging and motivating your children!


The Heart is the Helper, all […]

The 4 Personality Cards (Live Event)


We dig deeper on your personality card and the cards of those you interact with daily for deeper understanding – how to motivate them to action – build them up and not deflate them!

We are going to take the quiz – chat about each card type and have fun with one another answering and asking questions about […]

7 Awesome Social Media Tips to Grow Your Reach

These are 7 of the quickest and besets tricks to growing your social media reach on a variety of platforms!  I’m excited to share and walk through a bunch of awesome things with you!

Where Do I Really Start? What’s the Priority?

Hello My Friends!

I was asked this week this question:

Megan, I love this 30 days and I am so thankful for you! but my question is, in all of this, how do I start and know what to prioritize in starting a blog that will make me money and I don’t want to sell stamps? Thank […]

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Thank You For Your Service Note – Relationship Marketing

One of the major things that have helped grow several business I am in – in a non-threatening way is to create new connections, prospects, clients and actually several long term friends – is by leaving thank you for your service notes at places I would get service.

Leave a note for people at places such […]