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Emotional Indicators to Change Your Mindset or Action!

I have been so honored and blessed to study and work under Tony Robbins for several years and one thing that I really felt would benefit and help Gems here at LifeAboveRubies is to get the REAL messages behind some of these “negative” emotions we have — going through this 30 Day Challenge I know […]

Tools of the Trade

These are Tools that I use to run my business’s, grow, build, and balance day to day life!

They are not the ONLY tools to use, but are very helpful and I like to share them with you.


Hosting and Domain Sites:

* – this is what I use and love working with even though they SOMETIMES are […]

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Hootsuite: Setup & Use in Under 10 Minutes! is my favorite scheduler and social media manager!  I am testing a few others that MAYBE a possibility in the future, but for now – this is so easy to schedule and optimize your posts on both Facebook, Twitter and Google+

Take a look and start scheduling posts like a pro!