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S.T.A.R.T 10 Days to Instagram Version 1.0

PicMonkey: Howto Create Custom Facebook Page Tabs BONUS

Two videos for you today! I’m so thrilled and happy you are taking action to step it up in every area of your brand and business! So – here we go!

Let’s create custom Facebook Page Tabs for your Apps & Create a Watermark for your Youtube Channel!

PicMonkey: How to Create YouTube Cover Art

Today’s PicMonkey Bonus Video is about creating Custom YouTube Cover Art with proper sizing – it’s really a behind the scenes video of my own personal decision and update to a much more simple art – including the Video schedule included into the branded image.

Hopefully this helps you create a  wonderfully cohesive brand and understand […]

Social Media Optimal Image Sizing Cheats!

7 Awesome Social Media Tips to Grow Your Reach

These are 7 of the quickest and besets tricks to growing your social media reach on a variety of platforms!  I’m excited to share and walk through a bunch of awesome things with you!

Engaging & Encouraging Social Media Posts

The Secret to Social Media that really grows something amazing, with loyalty, engagement and momentum is this:
Truly – no matter what the platform or widget, to be successful and grow, you need to learn a few skills in what it looks like to build relationships online, with people you’ve never met and probably, never […]

7 Mistakes and Pitfalls to Avoid on Way to Success!

I truly wanted to share more of my story with you when it comes to success AND failures!  Mistakes made along the way that literally halted growth and added to stress causing the freak out dominos to start a chain reaction of nothing good!

Here are 7 things I have identified as areas you can truly […]

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Social Media Icons, Buttons, Widgets and Plugins

This video is a really quick tutorial showing you what Social Media Icon plug in I use with WordPress. It’s very simple to just search and install (you install the same way I just showed you in video how to update) and then select your style, copy and paste your specific URLs and drop into […]

Top 21 SEO Secrets Tried and True

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a really incredible and critical part of online presence success! But where do you start?  Here are 21 of the top secrets that AboveRubiesStudio as well as our other business’s used to be ranked with Google and return results  – It will come as no surprise to you that it […]

September 18, 2014 Social Media Overwhelm

Before we get into this – I talked about Instagram – and I must be loosing my ever-loving marbles.  I uploaded my profile picture from an account form my computer and that literally was all I did.  You MUST use your smart phone for Instagram uploads and you the apps I do use for making […]