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PicMonkey: How to Create YouTube Cover Art

Today’s PicMonkey Bonus Video is about creating Custom YouTube Cover Art with proper sizing – it’s really a behind the scenes video of my own personal decision and update to a much more simple art – including the Video schedule included into the branded image.

Hopefully this helps you create a ¬†wonderfully cohesive brand and understand […]

S.T.A.R.T 10 Days to YouTube Version 1.0

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Engaging & Encouraging Social Media Posts

The Secret to Social Media that really grows something amazing, with loyalty, engagement and momentum is this:
Truly – no matter what the platform or widget, to be successful and grow, you need to learn a few skills in what it looks like to build relationships online, with people you’ve never met and probably, never […]

How I have set up videos and lighting through the years!


So here is a fun little video that shows a pretty incredible journey – YES – it’s my journey – through the years of – This video shows currently how things are set up for lighting and creating videos as well as the tools I use in this post!

At the end I’m going […]

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