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Change Your Mind & Life

Emotional Indicators to Change Your Mindset or Action!

I have been so honored and blessed to study and work under Tony Robbins for several years and one thing that I really felt would benefit and help Gems here at LifeAboveRubies is to get the REAL messages behind some of these “negative” emotions we have — going through this 30 Day Challenge I know […]

Core Beliefs, Mindset, Values & Importance

Clarity: Know What You Want Know How to Go Towards It

Clarity is all about intention – Clarity is a choice – it’s a Decision
You have to take 100% respsonsibility for your life AS it stands right now and KNOW with all faith – YOU have the choice to change it – this is not cliché’ motivational mumbo jumbo!

You can get mindful and intentional or […]

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Thankfulness: It’s a Killer! Live November 20

Thankfulness IS a Killer!  It kills a lot!

Just a few things:

Heart disease
High Blood Pressure
Sleepless Nights
Lack of Confidence
Bitterness and Resentment

There are LOTS of amazing articles from The Greater Good with that you can check out here –

Topic Posts:  (There are a lot)

It’s amazing and it’s not just proven scientifically – check out how the laws […]

Sell without Selling Anything and Anxiety

DCI: Time and Money Management Formula

YES! There is a Time and Money FORMULA that seems scary, raises eyes brows – but WORKS!!! It really does!  It’s not always EASY – 95% of people make excuses that say “I can’t do that” – ironically they say – “I don’t have the TIME” for that or “I don’t have the MONEY” for […]

DO NOTHING! No! DO Nothing! Ok You Gotta Do More Than That!!!

In the last Life Course we had on January 30, I had made some references to a movie clip that is such a funny, yet accurate, look at taking action towards our goals!  Sometimes we get so insanely wrapped up in all the “to dos” we overwhelm ourselves into inaction!  We never take the time […]

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Top 9 Ways to Stay Motivated

This is a 20 minute video to talk to you a little bit about ways to stay focused and motivated towards taking action to achieving your goals.  We are going to dive much deeper into this throughout various courses and other bonus videos, but this is something I really want you to have now, think […]