You absolutely rock for being here and for being ready to start living!!!

       Are you ready?!?!                                               Can you imagine….

Living life…running a successful blog….a business you love…raising a family, spending time with friends… having time for hobbies and all the other things you enjoy while thriving in your dreams instead of constantly striving through the struggles?!?


We are here to help guide you to have, business, life and balance you were called to live!

What A Ruby Subscription?

You are!

You were called with desires and passions in your heart to succeed in business, in life and in balancing it all – so let us help you do that through this unique subscription based opportunity… Here is what you’ll look forward to being part of!

  • Exclusive Content
  • Clarity for Goal Achieving
  • Your Business, Blog and Social Media Building Help
  • Your own Personal Development and Encouragement
  • Personal Accountability Support Team
  • Exclusive Downloads and Resources
  • Technical Skills and How To Really Make it Happen
  • Practical Encouragement for REAL Life
  • Exclusive Facebook Group

A Few Satisfied Members!

Life Above Rubies has changed my life! I feel absolutely different! The 30 day challenge shifted the way I thought about everything and now I can’t go back to my old life!
Linda B.
I am here and I am blown away at the tips I have already gotten that will transform my social media!
Sara M.
I let go of my excuses on Tuesday and I joined and I made a commitment to grow…I am so very thankful for you! I will not be stuck anymore!
Victoria H.
Megan has a style of teaching, encouraging and motivating me to believe I really can do this. She makes everything so easy…
Elizabeth M.

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  • 30 Day Challenge Access
  • All Content & Courses
  • Blogging, Business, Social Media Help
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One on One Coaching

$499 now $29700monthly
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BONUSES and SAVINGS Option Available HERE!

When you commit to a full year of your success in business, life balance – we offer you more than 15% in savings & a BONUS Ruby Success Package & Passion Planner sent right to your door!!! Detail Here!

Here’s The Thing

Life can bring you a million ups and a thousands downs.

Sometimes all the same day.

Has this ever been you?

  • Have you been tired of the daily routine, depressions, fears and anxieties everyday life can bring?
  • Have you ever tried “setting goals” or making “resolutions” only to give up after a few days?
  • Have you ever felt like even figuring out what goals you want is just too hard?
  • Have you sat at that kitchen table ready to just throw the bills up in the air and whatever ones land on the table maybe you’ll pay?
  • Have you ever wanted to loose just that extra 10 pounds but no matter what you can’t seem to find it in you to make it happen?

Life Above Rubies is here to help you stop striving to “Do It ALL” and start help you find the balance in, life and business. So than you can thriving with real results to achieve your goals!!!

Let’s think a minute…What If…

What IF there are simple steps and actions to take to feel like there is a reason and purpose to EXACTLY why you are living the life you are living?

What IF I can show you how to start from nothing and create a business that brings in $200 or more with minimal hours in your busy schedule doing WHATEVER it is that YOU love and have passion for doing?

What IF I could show you encouraging ways to make TIME for yourself, to grow and feel happy again?

What IF I could show you ways to start your own blog or creative business, to create a living doing exactly something you love?

What IF I could give you tools to help you expand and grow from right where you are in any stage of life???

It does not matter if your goals are:

  • To be a millionaire with yachts and fancy cars
  • Be a more excellent mommy who spends balanced time managing the home
  • Earn just a little extra fun money for your family vacations
  • Complete financial freedom
  • Loose that extra 15 pounds
  • More time relaxing
  • Own a global empire
  • Serve others better!

The principles and tools here will WORK for you!   We help you make it ALL possible!  The SECRET to getting any ONE of those things above is in you and its my job to help bring it out with a clear plan and road map you can follow!

The Bonus

The BONUS is we as a team are here for you every single step of the way! We know what it takes!  We’ve been there! We are DOING THAT! We have the t-shirt and the coffee mug, and we want YOU to start taking action towards YOUR heart’s desire!

It is time to learn the skills to really market what you got and how to actually build it!  Life Above Rubies also wants to make sure you really get that feeling of balance in the mix – so we break it down for you! Little by little, step by step, you get guidance to plan YOUR roadmap to success and have Business, Life and Balance….

Are you as committed to your success as we am? We am ready to help you achieve one of your major life goals this very year!

A life without measurable progression towards a goal or a desire is a life that feels empty! We want to give you power pumps of courage and motivation to take even the smallest steps into action towards a life filled with purpose, meaning, happiness and enjoyment!

Megan Elizabeth is the Founder of Life Above Rubies and she brings her 12+ years of experience and journey to help you:

  • Starting out as a office secretary for a major construction company at 13 years old, managing million dollar accounts and quoting huge award winning jobs
  • At 19, becoming Manager of a major chain Hair Salon, taking a failing salon location to #1 in the region in retail sales in less than 6 months time
  • Working in the Medical Field and relationship marketing to bring a personal experience to each patient
  • 8 Years of experience in Internet Marketing, building major websites and growing several memberships and brand development
  • How started and within 8 weeks had more than 8,000 subscribers and sold over 100,000 Howto DVDs on Crafting
  • Guest Hosting on HSN for major craft brands
  • How a variety of interviews and auditions allowed me to meet incredible people in major networks and television
  • My own weight loss story and how countless goals I set out to achieve have been met and in less time and with less effort than I could have ever imagined!

How about you join us now?!  Start taking small action steps, change your life and business into the deepest desires of your heart!

Take Action Now

Is it always going to be easy? NO

Are you always going to “feel like it”? NO

Are you going to have the same desires always? NO

Are you going to have encouragement to do it ANYWAY? YES!!!  I personally am here for you and when you join up with us, the whole LifeAboveRubies community is on your side to motivate and encourage you FORWARD!  But this isn’t just a motivational membership – no, no!  It’s a full resource center of practical and technical courses showing you what to do, when to do it and how you can achieve more!!! 

I am ready to become a Member!

What you Get When You Become a Member:

  • Exclusive video content to help you succeed in achieving your dreams and giving you the tools to make that happen!  There are 7 Main Areas of Courses we focus on:
    • 30 Day Challenge
    • Goal Achieving and Clarity
    • Blogging with Success
    • Once Upon a Time Marketing Love Story to Your Ever After
    • Business Development
    • Social Media Training
    • Personal Development
  • Exclusive access to Facebook Group Community
  • Personal Accountability
  • Members receive the unique opportunity to chat with Megan and ask questions in LIVE Calls and Events to make sure you get the personal attention you need to really meet and exceed the achievements in all areas of life you are ready to change.
  • Unlimited, 24/7/365 access to content in the exclusive website.
  • Previous videos and live event archive access
  • Worksheet Downloads & Inspiring Printouts
  • Community Support and much more will always be at your finger tips!

Available & Accessible for Everyone!

The desire at Life Above Rubies is to truly make training, encouragement and resources available to anyone – no matter what their situation!

I remember being HUNGRY to learn, grow and take action, only to feel “stuck” by the high cost programs I saw available to me.  I would have done anything to have someone teach me what I now know when I didn’t have the financial resources available to me – so now, we desire to fully pay it forward to those who really are in need and READY to show diligent action to live the life they were called to live!

We offer scholarships and we also accept donations to help reach more women who feel “stuck” – but ready to live the life they were called to and build their skill sets in the marketplace and have the emotional support to succeed!

Scholarships Available!

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Invest In Someone’s Future!

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