If anything has stopped you before, I have really GREAT news for you!

If you said yes, this sounds like me – I have said these things and they have totally stopped me from starting & growing my online business!

  1. “I don’t have time”

    I get it!  I am a single mom that homeschools 2 of her 3 kids, active in my church, spends time with my family, wants to take care of myself, live life and enjoy my business – TIME feels like there is never enough – that is – until you learn the POWER of Focus.  We are going to really GET YOU GOING and taking action in only 90 SHORT Days to actually change your life and really START that business.

  2. “I’m not sure what I want or am called to”

    This reason alone would be the NUMBER ONE REASON to join me and start! My passion is in helping (women especially) find that one special thing inside of them that stands them apart and really gives them that sense of purpose with the ideas and creativity that IS inside each and everyone of us – we just sometimes tell it to be quiet for too long!

  3. “Overwhelmed into Inaction”

    I have been there and done that and nothing good ever comes from it as you probably already know as you’re sitting there going I still just do not know …. Here’s the deal – this is why we are here – the overwhelm gets chunked away for you as we break it down step by step and you can hang on tight to me as we keep you moving forward!

  4. “Not So Great Past Choices or Failures”

    Whether you’ve invested in yourself before and things “didn’t really work out” – or you feel scared to death of what IF people knew the real you….I can promise you, your action in applying what I share with you will produce life changing results – IF you let me help!  Ultimately no matter what your past is, what failures you’ve experienced what horrible investments you made or whatever you feel shame, guilt or fear over – this right now is the most incredible opportunity to change it once and for all!

  5. “Fear of …”

    Whether it is of failure or of success, fear is something we tackle head on and put it into it’s place to use it as a lesson on how to better prepare ourselves for what is ahead.  Right now is YOUR time to knock fear out of the park and paralyze IT instead of it paralyzing you!

  6. “I don’t have support”

    I know all about that and for the first time you are going to have the crazy sister you never wanted right up beside you showing you all her mistakes to avoid and all her strategies that scored her the awesome status!  Not only will you get one pretty cool sister (wink wink nudge nudge) – You’re actually getting a whole new family that is like minded in their desire to grow, be creative and share together!  You will suddenly look around and say “woah – these are my people!” Remember you have to surround yourself with people who will constantly challenge you to a higher level – if you don’t – you will be stuck or going backwards — forever.

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